Hardware and Software Requirements

There are three ELMA Editions:

ELMA Community edition

ELMA Community Edition is a fully functional free BPM system. The number of users is unlimited and depends only on the size of your company.
ELMA Community is easy to install and support. All the required components are included.

ELMA Community System Requirements


ELMA Standard Edition

This version is suitable for companies that want a fast response time of the system and a large number of users working at the same time. The database used is MS SQL Server. This version is suitable for up to 150 users. In case of many simultaneous users, we recommend installing the Enterprise edition to ensure better performance of hardware.

ELMA Standard System Requirements


ELMA Enterprise Edition

ELMA Enterprise is fault-tolerant and highly productive. Is uses a distributed server structure, which is is scalable and allows for a greater number of simultaneous users. As database, ELMA Enterprise can use Oracle® Database 10g, Oracle® Database 11g or MS SQL Enterprise Edition.

ELMA Enterprise System Requirements



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