ELMA Projects+

ELMA Projects+ is project management software. It is designed to administer projects, control available resources (time, financial, human resources) and establish communication between project team members.

Managing projects and resources

  1. Establishing communication between team members

    ELMA Projects+ is a complete solution for managing projects and resources, and establishing communication between team members.

    Managing a project is a complex task, and the project manager has to be experienced and skilled. Software cannot completely replace a project manager, but it allows organizing a shared information space, where day-to-day tasks are easily solved, saving more time for the manager to complete nontrivial tasks.

  2. Managing project tasks

    Project Plan contains information about project tasks and timelines. When starting or completing a task, project team members make an entry about it in ELMA. Based on this information, the system generates completion rates for the project tasks and stages. The project manager can monitor the project progress using the interactive Gantt chart, which visually represents the current state of the project tasks. Thus, the application keeps the project manager posted.

  3. Project Conveyor

    ELMA Projects+ applies business processes to the project management and establishes a flow of projects like an assembly line. Even though the result of each project is unique, every company has typical projects or project phases, which can be automated by ELMA. The concept of Project Conveyor optimizes project execution, making control and monitoring organized and clear.