ELMA BPM supports about ten types of tasks: assignments, approvals, document related tasks, business process related tasks, etc. ELMA mobile apps provide you with a user-friendly interface for working with ELMA tasks.

Create a Task

The first step is to create a task. You can do it offline, the creation form is very simple.

In most cases it is enough to enter the subject, the executor name, dates and the task description.

Task creation form (Android)

Task execution with messages (iPad)


Once the task is created, the system assigns it to the executor. The tasks list is the same for the entire system and it does not matter, what device you are working with. When you complete a task on one device, it will be completed in all the other applications.

Control Completion

After the task is completed, its author receives it for control. Comments usually contain the executor’s report.

The author either completes work or sends the task back to the executor for revision.

Task list monitoring (iPhone)