ELMA for iPad is a separate application for indicators monitoring.
The application allows you to view details on the company performance indicators, connect indicators to employee performance and compare indicators values for different periods.


The application receives all the available indicators. It allows you to view connected indicators and analyse the information.

Example: you see the percentage of successfully met service requests. It is not satisfactory. To understand the reason, you analyse connected indicators. First, you open an indicator page and see that few low-priority requests are met. Then you can find out, which department and executor are inefficient.

The mobile app is perfect for this purpose.

KPI page

KPIs on the main page

Data Update

Data updates are received in one package. It is convenient, because the indicators update rarely (once a day at most).

That is why an information update in the morning allows you to check indicators throughout the day without the Internet connection.


ELMA KPI connects company activities indicators to employees performance.

You can check indicators of each employee, who has a performance matrix, see their performance for the year and compare changes in performance for a certain period.

Performance matrix