ELMA mobile apps support business process tasks. This type of tasks is peculiar, since the set of information fields depends on the process; the task form is designed when the business process is modeled.

Model Business Processes

When you model a business process, you set the process logic, information items and tasks display format.

Most of mobile devices have an obvious limitation – a small screen. It is inconvenient to work with forms, developed for a standard web browser on a mobile device.

That is why mobile apps display tasks in a different, simplified format, which makes working with them on mobile devices much easier.

Configuring fields in ELMA Designer

Business process list


You can start any business process with the mobile apps, if you have access to it.

Select a process, enter initial information in the form – and the process starts.


A business process task form is dynamic during the process execution, and it depends on the business processes model.

Such approach allows you to implement any logic your company needs.

You can execute tasks without the Internet connection.

Business Process Task