CRM+ is built on the ELMA BPM platform, which opens great opportunities for the processes regulation. It allows you to create end-to-end processes and describe sales from the first contact to a closed deal.


The first step is to create a graphical model of a business process. ELMA has a perfect tool for modeling — ELMA Designer. It is a powerful application with a simple and user-friendly interface.

ELMA uses BPMN 2.0 for business process modeling. BPMN is a visual language that describes processes with a set of graphical elements. Each process has activities and swimlanes or, in other words, process participants who perform these activities.

The process modeling can take a long time, during which only system administrator has access to the process.

To make the process available for other users, the administrator needs to publish it.




Once the process is published, users can start it in one of the following ways:

  1. Manually from the list of the available processes.
  2. From the relevant page (for example, contractor’s page).
  3. It triggers automatically if a specific event occurs (inside or outside the system).

ELMA executes the started process according to its graphic model. The system automatically assigns tasks to the users (for example, prepare a business proposal, make a call, hold a meeting, etc.).

You can set up a due date for each task and thus effectively monitor schedule compliance of your employees.

Control and Monitor

Control and monitoring tools help you analyze business process execution and find out the reasons of failures.

Process Monitor allows users to stay on top of situation, quickly understand how many process instances are active, at what stages they are now and where are their possible bottlenecks.

If necessary, you can enable process KPIs and set up dashboards.


Control and monitoring

Process Improvement


The information collected during business process execution can be used to improve them. ELMA CRM+ allows you to edit active processes without stopping the system.

You can apply your changes immediately – for this you only need to publish the process.

ELMA CRM+ provides a tool that allows you to work with the business process at all stages of its life cycle – from an idea to continuous improvement.