Lead generation is one of the marketing department’s responsibilities. For this purpose the marketing department develops activities that promote the company’s products on the market. With ELMA CRM+ you can evaluate gained profit and efficiency of the performed activities.

Marketing Activities

ELMA CRM+ allows you to keep a register of marketing activities for efficiency evaluation. How does it work? The table below illustrates what happens in practical work and how this activity looks in ELMA CRM+.

Marketing activities

Activity Representation in ELMA CRM+
You put several advertisements in a magazine, it cost you $1000. You create the “Magazine advertisement” activity in CRM+ and specify budget – $1000.
An incoming call A sales officer asks about the source of information and, when creating an entry in CRM, specifies, that the lead came from the “Magazine advertisement” activity.
A contract is signed, money is received. The system adds deals in the “Magazine advertisement” activity.
The deal value is recorded.
Sometime after that… Information for analysis accumulates over time.
ELMA CRM+ displays:

  1. 20 leads were generated for $1000
  2. 5 deals ended in sales
  3. Total amount of sales from this advertising campaign is $50000.

This is the information you need to make a decision and evaluate efficiency of an advertising source.

Internet Advertising

Internet Advertising

It is difficult to find the source when you use internet advertising. Usually, the link leads to a certain page of your website where a potential customer leaves some personal information. In order to compare an advertising campaign in Yandex or Google to a marketing activity in ELMA CRM+, you need to use the UTM-labels mechanism. The mechanism is simple. You use the same label for Yandex/Google advertising campaigns and ELMA CRM+. Then ELMA starts “recognizing” advertising campaigns and takes their efficiency into account.