ELMA CRM+ integrated with IP-telephony allows users to carry voice communication over an IP network. With ELMA, users can view the information about the caller or check the customer history, while making and receiving calls on their PC.

IP-telephony integration with ELMA CRM+ provides the following possibilities:

  • Outgoing Calls
    Sales officers can make calls from their PC, while CRM+ will automatically register them.
  • Incoming Calls
    Sales officers can receive incoming calls and system will also automatically register them.
ELMA CRM+ includes modules for integration with the following IP-telephony systems:

Outgoing call

Outgoing Call

Users can make calls directly from the contractor page.

After the call is finished, a sales manager leaves a comment and determines the next relationship type (a call, a message, a meeting, a webinar, etc.).

Incoming Call

When a user receives a call, ELMA CRM+ attempts to identify the number, searching through the database. If the number is found, ELMA opens the contractor’s page.

If the database does not contain the caller’s phone number, the system offers to create a new entry.

Incoming call