ELMA CRM+ automates activities of the sales department and at the same time involves the entire company in sales and customers services through the business processes. ELMA CRM+ allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing activities and automate branch office departments.

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Create different types of sales process with  ELMA CRM+.

Long Sales

Long sales imply long-term customer relationships, strict control of deals and, in most cases, a complex product or a set of services. Long sales mean high expenses and thus stimulate long-term relationships with the customers and, therefore, repetitive sales. Usually such sales are proactive.


A sales funnel is used to manage long sales. It is a perfect tool to describe the sales process from initial contact to final sale, in case the sales process:

  1. is extended in time
  2. can be divided into stages

ELMA creates a separate page for each deal. It gives you a complete overview of the deal dynamics.

The deal progresses through the stages and finally you won the deal or fail to close it.

With ELMA CRM+ you can access data, which will help you determine what has gone wrong. You can analyze root causes, correct mistakes and increase your efficiency.

Sales performance analysis

Quick Sales

Simple sales are often called quick and that is their main difference. Simple sales are those for which customers can make quick, easy decisions. For example, shipping of office supplies, online trading, personal services, etc. Usually, such sales are reactive.

Sales process

A well-defined business process is an ideal solution for quick sales. One employee receives information about the customer and enters the data, another employee or a team provide services or ship goods.

With business processes you can develop a single standard way of organizing the sales process. You can also easily create a quality monitoring system. If the sales process consists of several steps, ELMA helps to coordinate the actions of the performers. Combine business process with the classic sales funnel to obtain maximum result.

Cross Selling

Cross-selling is the action of selling an additional product or service to an existing customer. It is an important part of a business. Cross selling includes, for example, long term contracts, additional services, related products, expansion of supply. ELMA CRM+ can be a great help in these cases.

The approach is very simple:

  1. Make a list of the potential customers (individuals or companies).
  2. For each contractor start a Cross Sales business process.
  3. Assign tasks and perform sales-oriented actions according to the business process model.
  4. Evaluate your effectiveness by monitoring process status.


The advantage of this approach is that you can easily control at what stage each process is now. It also allows you to track which Cross Sales process has reached its goals and which one hasn’t brought the desired results.

Process map

Customer Service / Business Processes

Use ELMA CRM+ to model customer service processes and create customer service centers. With business processes, designed in ELMA CRM+, you can in a short time develop and automate procedures for providing standard services.

Starting a business process from the contractors page

ELMA CRM+ offers ready-to-use solutions to start processes depending on the communication channel. Customers may choose to send their requests through the website. In this case ELMA will start the relevant business process, after the client has filled in all the required fields.

If the request is received via fax, e-mail or post, ELMA also has suitable mechanisms for starting processes.

Companies that regularly use phone to communicate with their customers, can take advantage of the IP-telephony. It allows you to identify a caller and start a business process right from the incoming call page.

Thus, you can develop a single approach and standard processes for customer service, regardless of which communication channel was used.

CRM+ and other ELMA apps

ELMA CRM+ is just one of the apps available in our product line.  All the apps are compatible and complement each other perfectly.

ELMA ECM+ allows you to store contracts, makes it easy to prepare a package of agreements. Carry on correspondence with the customers, keep track of you incoming and outgoing messages with ELMA document management.

ELMA Projects+ complements your ELMA apps and helps you to manage projects most efficiently. For the project management companies the real work begins after a sale is closed. We understand that is highly important to complete the project according to the terms of the agreement. ELMA Projects+ provides reliable solution for professional project management.

ELMA KPI offers an easy-to-configure system of metrics and KPIs, which is an essential tool for measuring performance of your employees.

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