ELMA CRM+ can be flexibly adjusted to your company structure. You can easily configure the sales process, business processes, company structure, etc. For more complex tasks, you can use ready-made components or MS.NET C# programming language.


Organizational Structure

Designing the organizational structure is the first step of ELMA implementation.

We have developed a graphic designer that allows you to visually link the company departments.

If the organizational structure is too large, with graphic designer you can divide it into several parts.

Designing the organizational structure

Setting up the sales funnel

Sales Funnel

The Sales Funnel visually describes the sales process from initial contact to final sale. It shows how you generate and develop leads and turn them into customers.

With ELMA CRM+ you can customize your sales funnel. Moreover, you can use more than one sales funnel at a time. This is especially useful, if you sell various groups of goods or services.

With ELMA CRM+  you can create your own version of the sales funnel and also design the sales process itself, using the business processes engine.


Business Processes

Business process designer is a tool that enables you to develop the sales process as a visual diagram. ELMA uses international BPMN 2.0 standard for business process modeling.

Learn more about configuring business processes in СRM+  >>

Designing business processes

Configuring access permissions

Access Permissions

Each company decides individually how to set access permissions for CRM objects. These settings may vary depending on the sales process, the structure of the sales department, etc.

With ELMA CRM+ you can assign different access permissions for CRM objects.

Standard solutions:

  1. Sales officers have access only to their entries, while the head of department can view all the entries.
  2. All sales managers from the Branch office № 1 can have access to the entries made in this office, but they are not allowed to view entries of other branch offices. The head office employees have full access to all information.
  3. Customers can be divided into groups depending on the industry they work in. You can grant access to each industry-based group only to a specific sales team.
  4. Only small group of employees can have access to VIP-customers, etc.

Any combination of these access permissions is allowed. You can also grant other types of access permissions.

Visual Form Editor

You can add new attributes to CRM objects and edit objects display in the graphic form builder.

One objects can have various forms that show different information depending on the user access permissions.


Setting up pages

Setting up filters


ELMA CRM+ allows you to configure filters for all CRM objects.

You can filter by attributes or use more complex conditions and links to other objects (with EQL data-managing language).

The system has both shared and custom filters that can be configured by the system administrator or the users, respectively.



The web portal allows you to customize the interface of ELMA CRM+. These settings include the following:

  • Add new pages. Often you need to display various documents on one page. For example, contracts and contract procedure rules adopted by the company. Now it can be easily done with the portal editor.
  • Each group of users can have different set of pages.
  • Each user can customize the display of the page. Sales officers can add portlets that provide fast access to the specific up-to-date information.
  • Portal editor has a wide range of powerful features, it allows you to set up menus, buttons, add new interfaces, etc.

Configuring the portal