ELMA CRM+ combines operational CRM and a BPM system. This approach allows you to monitor sales dynamics and ensure the smooth functioning of the CRM business processes.

Smart solution for sales management

  1. CRM+BPM

    ELMA CRM+ software combines capabilities of a CRM and a BPM (business process management) system. A perfect combo to involve the entire company in sales and customer services through business processes. This means that not only a sales force but also other company divisions participate in customer services.

  2. Salesforce automation

    ELMA CRM+ allows you to automate customer relationship strategies and control the sales process at all stages. This sales automation tool simplify your lead management, customer service, proposal and quote generation, order fulfillment and more.

  3. End-to-end sales process

    Sales Management requires seamless teamwork at all stages of a sales process: from marketing campaigns and customer acquisition to production, storage, procurement, accounting, logistics, and delivery. The result of the process executed in ELMA is not actually a sale, but on-time delivery, high quality and fast services, customer satisfaction.