When you implement a BPM-system, you need to develop processes, adjust them for your company and provide users with quick access to common features or commands.

ELMA provides various well-organized interfaces that make it easy to locate different tools and options and require minimal explanation on how to use them.

Web Interface and ELMA Designer

Business users interact with ELMA through the Web Interface.  It is designed to work with all web browsers.

You will receive notifications about the important events in your Web Interface. ELMA also sends notifications to the email addresses that appear in your user data.

Configure your system and design business process models in ELMA Designer. The system administrator can install this Windows application on the server or on the local computer.



Configuring the system in ELMA Designer

Lite Interface

Lite Interface

Lite Interface is an interface with a very simple top menu and a minimum of controls.

Using Lite Interface with a reduced number of buttons, employees with a limited set of duties and restricted access to certain sections can perform their duties easier and minimize mistakes.

Lite Interface is included in the standard package of ELMA BPM.  You can effortlessly switch to Lite Interface by changing the settings in your user profile.


ELMA Agent

ELMA Agent is an instant messaging service that allows you to receive messages and informs you about new tasks.  It is a small application similar to ICQ or Skype.

ELMA Agent also provides quick access to documents stored in ELMA and allows you to edit them online.  For example, you have a task that includes approving a document.  Instead of saving it to the hard drive, editing and uploading it to the server, you can open the document and make changes with ELMA Agent. All the remaining steps are completed automatically. This really saves you time!

ELMA Agent is included in the standard package of ELMA BPM and is installed on your computer (supported operating systems include Windows, Mac OSx and Linux).

ELMA Agent

E-mail task list

Business process tasks

Rich E-Mail Interface

For companies that use emails for internal communication, we created Rich Email Interface.

All incoming tasks are placed in your Inbox. ELMA Rich Email Interface provides information about those tasks and allows you to work from your preferred email client.  You can take control of your Inbox and filter the incoming tasks to see them separately from the rest of your emails.  For the tasks associated with business processes, ELMA displays all the fields you need.

A distinctive feature of the Rich Email Interface is that the body of the message contains a notification and provides you with all the necessary information to make a decision.  In other words, if you need to review a document, it is sent to you as an email attachment.

Rich Email Interface is included in the standard ELMA package.



ELMA for Sharepoint is licensed separately and provides a great opportunity to easily integrate it into the information portal of your company.  The result is users benefit from the familiar interface and the company uses a new BPM system in a short amount of time.

To learn more, please, visit ELMA for MS SharePoint page



ELMA for MS SharePoint

ELMA for iPad

ELMA for Android

Mobile Apps

Save time and enhance productivity with ELMA mobile apps!

Incoming tasks are downloaded from ELMA in a single pack.  All the information you need to make a decision is available in your mobile device.

ELMA mobile apps have three sections:

  • Incoming tasks
  • Monitoring (task monitoring and completion check)
  • Messages

ELMA mobile apps allow you to initiate and perform tasks within business processes. Supported by the ELMA iPad app, you can work with the following process tasks:

  • Dynamic task forms. Dynamic forms change, depending on the rules you specify. The application can work with dynamic forms on iPad.
  • Follow through business processes.  To proceed to the next process task, users often need to click the continue button. At this point, the system assigns the next task to its executor. The ELMA iPad app supports this behavior even without the Internet connection. Thus, the sequence of the process tasks is preserved.

ELMA mobile apps are licensed separately and available on iPhone, iPad and Android.