Save time and enhance productivity with ELMA mobile apps!

All the incoming tasks are downloaded from ELMA in a single package. Now you do not have to wait for the page to load. All information you need to make a decision is already available on the screen of your mobile device. The Internet connection is required only for a short-term data package exchange with ELMA server.

ELMA BPM for iPhone



ELMA BPM for Android



ELMA BPM for iPad



Manage Tasks

The ELMA mobile apps allow you to quickly process incoming tasks.

You can work in the mobile application without an internet connection.  Each activity generates a data package, which is automatically sent to the server when you connect to the Internet.

The applications also allow you to create new tasks and control tasks completion.

App’s home screen

Selecting a process

Business Processes

You can start business processes in the ELMA mobile application.

When you start a business process, the form opens; once you complete the form, the business process continues according to its model. 

If an internet connection is available and you need to complete several steps in a row, the business process application displays the next steps on your mobile device.

Document Management

The mobile applications provide standard document management procedures.

For example, when you examine an incoming document with the mobile app, you can propose a decision and assign tasks.

Document decision form



With mobile messages you can receive notifications about important events, exchange massages with your colleagues, discuss documents, ask questions and receive answers.

Mobile messages provide you with all standard web messages functions. You can also create new messages for user groups.

ELMA KPI for iPad

ELMA for iPad is a separate application for KPI monitoring and does not require additional licensing.

You can work in the ELMA KPI for iPad without an Internet connection. With this application you can view details on company’s KPI’s; check connection between KPI’s and employee performance and compare KPI values for different periods.

ELMA KPI for iPad