Business processes are constantly evolving, updating and improving.  With ELMA BPM you can implement the changes necessary and adjust your processes within a short amount of time.

Improve Business Processes

ELMA BPM is adaptable when applying and implementing changes; you do not need to restart your system.  You can change business processes, edit process models in ELMA Designer or create a new process version by simply saving and publishing  the changes made to your system.

A new process path

The KPI settings


Monitor KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) is a flexible solution used in ELMA BPM to measure the productivity of process models.  The result of a measured KPI allows you to configure business processes or determine if a task is executed efficiently.

There are two types of business process KPIs:

  • Technical (or numeric) KPIs indicate a number of certain activities. For example:  The number of successfully completed processes or transactions for the current month.
  • Time KPIs indicate time spent on certain activities. For example:  The average time the employee spends considering the request or the maximum time spent on a task.

Access process KPIs in one place by configuring dashboards on one page.

Receive Feedback

The ELMA feedback mechanism is used to provide improvement suggestions and critical feedback for process improvement.  This source of information is another tool for you to meet specific company’s needs and increase productivity and efficiency of ELMA BPM.

All user suggestions will be processed; for this you can create your own improvement process.

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