Additional ELMA module for MS SharePoint allows you to quickly integrate basic ELMA functions into your portal.

View Tasks

ELMA tasks are displayed on the portal pages while all the processes are still operated in ELMA.

The authorization in ELMA and MS SharePoint is based on the same principle – user data are taken from the MS Active Directory.


Viewing tasks


Adding a portlet

MS SharePoint Configuration

ELMA for MS SharePoint is compatible with both MS SharePoint cloud service (part of MS Office 365) and MS SharePoint on premises.

The additional ELMA module for MS SharePoint cloud service is delivered as an application available on the MS Office 365 app store.

It does not require much effort to configure this module, simply add ELMA portlets on the relevant pages of your portal.

Integration with web portals

ELMA integration with portals offers not only the possibility to insert portlets in MS SharePoint, but also allows you to use ELMA as a service in other intranet environments.

Therefore, if your company uses a different intranet platform, the integration with ELMA probably will not be complicated and will require only a qualified MS.NET developer.

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