ELMA Store is a collection of ready-to-use solutions that extend the capabilities of ELMA. You do not need to design processes from scratch; simply download free or premium components and start working with them in a few clicks.

Free Components

The Free Component solutions are beginner-friendly and intended for users who have limited experience with business process management systems.

Simply import the free components, customize them to fit your company’s organizational structure and start using them right away.

Importing a process

Obtaining licenses in EMA Store

Premium components

There are a lot of components available in ELMA Store. You can download packages of business processes that contain ready-to-use processes and additional ELMA modules.

To start using premium components, you must purchase a license for them in ELMA Store. Simply add the components to your cart and start the licensing process. Once the licensing process is completed, you will receive an activation key and be able to continue the installation on your computer.

Create and Upload Components to ELMA Store

When you become our partner you can create your own solutions and upload them to ELMA Store. To start using the solutions you uploaded your customers will follow the standard import procedure.



Creating solution for ELMA Store