Simple idea of BPM engine

ELMA BPM is Business Process Management Software. It drives digital transformation and allows shifting from job instructions to automated business processes and performance monitoring.

At the heart of any BPM software lies a simple idea: when implementing business process management in your company you describe business processes using bpmn diagrams.

After that, the BPM software turns your diagrams into executable bpm apps and allows you to control and monitor the execution of the real-life business processes adopted in your company.

This approach brings business process execution as close as possible to the ideal model.

ELMA is based on a BPM engine. It allows you to create flexible and adaptive bpm apps that change quickly with your company. With ELMA it’s easy to streamline your business processes and make their execution more effective.

Business Process Modeling

Work in ELMA BPM begins with business process modeling. Users create business process models in ELMA Designer, a powerful application with a simple and user-friendly interface. ELMA Designer is included in the ELMA BPM software pakage.

ELMA BPM does not require programming to create even the most complex business process models. ELMA BPM operates BPMN 2.0; it is a widely used graphical notation for describng business processes, easy-to-understand for business analysts and at the executive level.

Business process models show how your processes and activities associate with one another. Simply drag and drop BPMN 2.0 elements into a model and connect them according to the business process logic.

Once the process model is created, it’s necessary to specify the data used inside the business process and set process activities. For example, the data the executor needs to complete a task and activities they must perform.

Business process modeling in ELMA Designer ends with process publication. At that moment, ELMA BPM turns a business process diagram into an executable bpm app which can be run in the ELMA Web Application

Business Process Modeling

Specify the data inside the business process


After a business process is modeld and published, you can start executing it in the ELMA BPM web application. You can run as many process instances as you wish. All bsuiness process instances are exceuted independetly according to the same process model.

ELMA automatically assigns tasks

Necessary information is displayed in the task web page

ELMA BPM executes business processes in accordance with their graphical models. The execution process goes from the start event to the end event through the chain of transitions. ELMA BPM automatically creates tasks for users at appropriate stages of the business process execution.

In the ELMA web application, all the information you might need to complete each task is displayed on its own web page. You can customize this page in any way you like; for example, require the user to attach documents or specify details to complete the task.

When the task is complete, you do not need to evaluate the next steps, ELMA will do this automatically. All the tasks that do not require manual work ELMA preforms almost instantly, for example, decides what is the next step in the process, sends notifications, executes scripts, or assigns tasks to the person responsible.

Control and Monitoring

Each business process instance has its own web page. It contains the full details about the process: parameter values, user comments and questions, active tasks, executors and statuses, etc.

You can control the execution of a business process from its page, e.g. change the parameters, interrupt instances. ELMA BPM offers tools for control and monitoring:

  • My Processes
  • Process Monitor
  • Process Maps

My Processes page shows the business processes where the user is the initiator, responsible or executor. ELMA BPM has convenient filters to help you find the instances you need. To view the details of instances, you can go to its web page.

Process monitor page shows the business processes where the user is the owner, supervisor or informed user. You don’t have to be one of the participants to view the details. From this page, you can go to the web page of any process instance.

Another way to monitor the execution of a business process is to view its map. In ELMA BPM Web Application, the business process map visually resembles the BPMN diagram created in ELMA Designer but has some additional notes.

Completed operations are circled in bold blue; an active operation is circled in bold green.

This way you get all the details about both active and completed tasks of the process. You can open the business process map from its web page at any time.

Moreover, executives won’t even have to monitor business processes manually; ELMA BPM will do that for them. That’s how it works: if employees have overdue tasks, ELMA BPM will notify their superiors to take some actions regarding the process.

You can view all the business process steps in its map

You can set time regulations control for each task

Process Monitor shows the whole process

Processes Improvement

When working with a business process, users may find alternative strategies for better results and share ides for business process improvement. You can put these ideas into practice with ELMA BPM and increase users productivity.

The processes change with the company

In ELMA BPM each business process task has its own page which contains all the information you might need to make a decision and complete the task.

For example, you decided that the Approve the Leave Request task must be reassigned to the Chief Executive Officer instead of the HR Director (depending on your company’s organizational structure). With ELMA BPM you can change processes in the running system with no programming or stopping the server required, and apply changes instantly.

You can evaluate how effective the applied changes are, as soon as the process is complete.