ELMA BPM Platform

ELMA BPM is a business process management system. It allows you to model, monitor and optimize executable business processes and improve company performance.

Full business process management lifecycle

ELMA BPM Platform automates workflow and provides convenient tools for modeling, execution, monitoring and optimization of business processes. Four main functions of ELMA BPM:

  1. Business process modeling

    Users model business processes in ELMA Designer, which is a visual editor included in the ELMA software package. ELMA Designer supports BPMN 2.0 – a standard that provides businesses with the capability of understanding their internal business procedures in a graphical notation.

  2. Automated execution of business processes

    The execution goes from the start to the end through the chain of transitions. ELMA automatically creates tasks for users at appropriate stages of the business process execution according to the process map.

  3. Process monitoring and control

    Imporve company business processes instantly. A user can edit a process model and apply changes by publishing them; the next time the process is initiated it will contain all the improvements made by the user.

  4. Process improvement

    ELMA automatically tracks process progress and provides you with all the relevant process information. If an employee fails to complete a task on time, the system will notify their superiors, who, in their turn, can check the current process stage and reports, automatically created by ELMA.