ELMA product family currently includes ELMA BPM Platform, ELMA CRM+ and ELMA Projects+ applications and a set of ready-to-use solutions from ELMA Store, which greatly simplify the implementation of the system.

ELMA BPM PlatformA platform for business process management with integrated ECM and KPI solutions

For managing sales and customers

ELMA Projects+For developing project office processes

ELMA     StoreReady-to-use solutions for your company
Business processes
Free business processes that can be easily uploaded to ELMA

Modules and process packages
Premium modules with accurate and interconnected processes

Mobile applications for business process management

ELMA for MS SharePoint
A solution for integrating ELMA in your web portal


ELMA BPM implementation is about selecting basic software components and configuring business processes

In most cases only a small amount of adjustment is required

ELMA BPM Editions:

ELMA BPM Community

ELMA Community Edition is free BPM software. The number of users is unlimited and depends only on the size of your company.
ELMA BPM Community is easy to install and support. All the required components are included in the product package.

System requirements

ELMA BPM Standard

ELMA BPM Standard is intended for the companies with a larger number of employees. This business process management tool provides a stable response even when many system users are working at the same time. The database is MS SQL Server.
System requirements

ELMA BPM Enterprise

ELMA BPM Enterprise is fault-tolerant and highly productive bpm sofwtare. It uses a distributed server structure, which is scalable and allows for a greater number of simultaneous users. As database, ELMA BPM Enterprise can use Oracle® Database 10g, Oracle® Database 11g or MS SQL Enterprise Edition.
System requirements