We have been working on certain functional solutions and today we are happy to present the result. ELMA has become faster and more stable. We have introduced changes to the Web Portal, Designer, Form Builder, Projects+ and CRM+.

Briefly about the changes:
Web Portal. We have added time zones and additional settings of work calendars. The approval of time reports has become more transparent, and we have improved integration of ELMA with LDAP (ActiveDirectory).
Business Processes. We have upgraded features for working with messages and workflow processes, now you can edit message types and process versions at any time.
ELMA Designer. We have added versioning for custom activities and improved script search. When publishing a process you can now forbid launching the process from Web Application. Process policies now include more data about the process, for example, execution time of an activity, description of transitions and gateways.
ELMA CRM+. We have significantly modified and simplified the settings for IT telephony. We have added a multi-functional dashboard for managing calls. Users can plan, make, redirect and put on hold their calls, as well as view call history.
ELMA Projects+. We have extended the use of Form Builder. Now you can create and customize forms of project tasks.