On September 27, ELMA will present its capabilities for integrating BPM and RPA at the CNews conference titled “BPM 2018 as the basis of innovation”

As one of the key players on the BPMS market, the ELMA company is always ready to support events dedicated to BPM. The “BPM as the basis of innovation” is the second CNews conference this year were we participate as a partner. Alexey Trefilov, director, will demonstrate the company’s solutions. During his presentation named “BPM+RPA: synergy” he shall describe the various aspects of combining RPA solutions with the capabilities of BPM systems.

“We systematically study the possibilities of applying RPA solutions for expanding capabilities of systems for process automation. These studies have resulted in our own practical developments for combining RPA and BPM in real-life processes. I will show how robots can execute specific tasks in such operational processes as HR, document management, processing of applications and business trips, filling out forms and declarations. I think that it will be interesting for the audience to see how robots can help the companies create digital offices today.”
Alexey Trefilov, director of ELMA

This is not the first time that ELMA addresses the topic of combining RPA and BPM. This spring we hosted a webinar titled “Robots replacing office workers”, where we showed examples of how robots can minimize the amount of routine work done by humans, while BPM solutions deal with making the processes seamless. Applying BPM and AI together gives new opportunities to the companies who have chosen digital transformation.