The Russian branch of the Boston Institute of Aesthetic Medicine (BIAM) was rated third in the SmartSmile 2017 rating. Amongst the clinic’s strong points are staff expertise, use of modern technologies and comfort of patients. ELMA BPM was chosen to help improve the supporting processes of the company to gain a competitive position.

BIAM was originally founded in 1994 in the USA by the “pioneers of laser teeth whitening”, Dr. Kinstantin Ronkin and Dr. Evetta Shwartzman. In 2006, BIAM expanded to Moscow, and in 2015 to St.Petersburg. Amongst other areas of dentistry, the clinic has a specialized center for maxillofacial and plastic surgery.
The dentists at BIAM do not wear white coats, and the patients are not obliged to wear shoe covers so that they do not feel like they are in a hospital but in a modern comfortable clinic.

“High-quality service in a clinic is not about marble floors or a cup of milk oolong offered to the patients. It is about providing quality medical aid”, says Konstantin Ronkin DMD, LVIF, MICCMO, FIAPA (USA) and demonstrates so in practice. The photo is courtesy of BIAM via Instagram.

In order to develop the customer service and optimize the operations of the company, the managers of BIAM decided to implement the process management approach. After examining the market of BPM solutions, the company decided to implement ELMA BPM.

“We always opt for innovation and try to implement all the new and progressive practices that appear in the world”

BPM (Business Process Management) is a management approach in which a company’s strategic goals are achieved with automation, control and continuous improvement of business processes. A BPM system is software aimed at implementing the BPM concept in the operations of a company.
Automation at BIAM started with supporting processes – HR, accounting and logistics. The implementation was done according to the agile development approach. Alyona Olkhovnikova, the vice-president of the company, acted as the business analyst and product owner. She created the process flow diagrams and gathered feedback from users.

ELMA BPM helped automate the repeated HR tasks such as recruitment requests, interviews, training, distribution of uniforms, and control of expiry of probation period. Now, these processes do not require excessive discussions, time and resources, and all the participants can be on the same page.

Payment of different types of invoices was automated for the clinics in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The processes of communication between dentists and dental technicians have been automated. This saves time and provides a precise exchange of information between doctors, other BIAM employees, and the lab.

ELMA acts as a unified corporate portal for the clinic. Thirty-five employees of the clinic use both the desktop and the mobile version of the system, whichever is more convenient at the moment. BIAM is constantly implementing new processes and developing the system. All additional consultations are held remotely from the ELMA office in Izhevsk, Russia.
On behalf of the ELMA Company, we would like to thank the Boston Institute of Aesthetic Medicine for choosing ELMA BPM and for their trust in our product.