As part of the Udmurt Republic delegation, ELMA will share its experience and demonstrate its solution to the participants of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum that will be held from May 24 to May 26.

Digitization of business is the main idea of our participation. We want to share our latest achievements in digital transformation of businesses, describe our projects, and demonstrate the solutions based on the ELMA BPM platform. We wish to inspire the participants of SPIEF-2018 to drive changes and create new services in their companies.
Of course, we actively support the “Made in Udmurtia” initiative and are planning to develop the business reputation of our region together with the Izhevsk delegation

Alexey Budin, Director General of ELMA/EleWise Group of Companies

The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum is one of the most valuable annual economic conferences in Russia. Starting from 1997, it serves as a meeting point for state leaders, ministers, heads of Russian and foreign companies, who gather together to discuss economic issues that Russia and the developing countries are facing. From the year 2005, the President of the Russian Federation participates in the forum, too.

Major contracts are signed here: during SPIEF-2016, 330 contracts worth 1 trillion rubles were signed, and in the year 2017, participants signed more than 380 contracts worth 2 trillion rubles.