Starting on January 1st, 2020 ELMA will stop supporting AppFabric for distributed cache and recommends switching to Redis instead.
AppFabric’s developer Microsoft has stopped mainstream support and no longer provides updates for the technology. In this connection, ELMA is discontinuing its support of AppFabric. We can only provide limited maintenance within current projects, which is negotiated on request and depends on the project’s specifications and Microsoft limitations.

We will stop supporting AppFabric on January 1st, 2020.
We recommend that you timely switch to the Redis server. The five main advantages or Redis are:
1. Capacity. Unlike AppFabric that only performs simple GET and SET commands, Redis works with different data structures (strings, lists, hashes, sets, and sorted sets), Lua scripts and bit related operations. This gives you a higher cache speed and permits executing high-speed transactions, real-time analytics, message exchange, manage tasks, queues and much more.
2. Scalability. Redis provides scalability without additional deployment costs and allows you to keep the entire server’s functionality. Moreover, if you are not requiring a cloud solution, RLEC (Redis Labs Enterprise Cluster) can be launched locally without additional preparation, settings, scaling, clustering or monitoring. All these procedures are automated and make deployment of Redis clusters much easier.
3. Portability. AppFabric is specific for Windows and .Net whereas Redis supports different languages including Python, Ruby, Java, PHP, Node, C, C#.
4. Monitoring. RLEC has a dashboard for viewing metrics and sends out alerts. For achieving the same level of control in AppFabric you need to use additional external tools.
5. Ease of use. Redis is a simple yet multifunctional solution used by thousands of developers throughout the world. The vast Redis community of users helps you find useful information and share experience in configuring and using the technology.

You can read about deploying Redis in the ELMA Knowledge Base.

If you have any questions about switching from AppFabric to Redis, please contact our customer support.
If you do not have a user account on the tech support website, please contact your manager or contact us by phone or e-mail: + 352 (2) 030 1140, support@elewise.com.