On September 19, Alexey Trefilov, Director of ELMA, will be giving a speech on the Russian Enterprise Content Summit 2017. He will talk about implementing an ECM system independently. Prior to the forum, we asked Alexey to comment on the subject and its significance for heads of financial and IT departments, and he has given us his opinion about the current situation on the electronic document management market.

Concerning the market and current trends
Alexey Trefilov: On any market, there are leaders who make good use of the modern technology, and those who barely use it, usually for solving insignificant tasks. Today, as we are halfway through 2017, most of ECM implementation projects are still typical: automation of regulation documents, contract management, and handling of incoming and outgoing mail.
Cloud EDS and such cutting-edge technology as block chain can help take the document management in your company to a new level; however, in reality, this is not happening very soon. Developers and experts in ECM and EDM have a lot to work on in order to create the market and promote the technologies, because today, unfortunately, consumers do not understand the benefits of such technologies.

There are some positive trends, though, that are changing the market. I am talking about such technologies as business-to-business document management and a workflow engine that allows automating document routing inside business processes of a company instead of separate document flows. Users want to see user-friendly mobile solutions and modern interfaces. Also, we are gradually adopting the foreign approach for creating business applications.

Concerning the subject of the presentation for RECS’ 2017, and why it will be interesting to the participants
Alexey Trefilov: I will talk to the forum participants about implementing an ECM system independently, without having to involve the developers of IT solutions. ELMA has always prioritized the development of such expertise by our customers because it is very important. Such an approach guarantees that the technologies will be used well and will be beneficial to the customer’s company.
The customer knows best about all the problems that must be solved with the software. Therefore, the customer’s internal team can properly select what issues to work on and get the maximum effect from the implementation. Of course, a lack of experience and expertise can affect the implementation in a negative way. I will try to explain how to find the right balance, what problems to foresee and solve for a successful implementation of an ECM system.

The 5th annual Russian Enterprise Content Summit will take place on September 19 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in Moscow
ELMA’s speech: “EDM, ECM and digital archives” section, from 12:40 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
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