13 May 2019 Ekaterina Gorina

Automate it: how a business process can replace SFA

Nowadays, commercial activity is no longer tied to either a place or time, or only a face-to-face interaction. The only thing that can limit it is the lack of the Internet.

However, there is one thing that remains unchanged in the mass market – clients. Their trust is still the core value of any company. At the same time, the companies that offer products and services have encountered new difficulties: there are many manufacturers, and the quality of products and prices in one segment are about the same. For this reason, sales personalization, that is to say finding and satisfying individual customer needs, is the only way to beat competitors.

8 May 2019 Andrei Chepakin

BPM Use Cases in Sales

ELMA Chief Commercial Officer Andrei Chepakin takes a look at several use cases of how the process approach and a BPM system can help you increase sales performance when deals are simple or complex, when they depend (or not really) on sales representatives’ skills.

Who is responsible for sales?

There are two viewpoints on sales. Some people think that success solely depends on how skillful and active sales representatives are. If so, managers keep their employees mentally alert by using sales plans, KPIs and imposing fines when the indicators are not reached. Sales reps have to develop competence, gain experience in negotiating, know the product and subject area well. Other companies prefer to divide the process of selling goods into clear steps. The main thing here is to formalize and standardize all activities, then any sales rep will cope. Both approaches are truly viable.

15 February 2018 Ekaterina Mokrushina

Obstacles in the way of digital transformation

According to the Experian and Forrester report, 49% of decision-makers in Europe, Africa and Middle East think that business development is being held back by disparate legacy technology systems. The BIT online magazine asked Alexey Trefilov, the head of ELMA, for his opinion.

— Do you think that disparate legacy IT systems are the main threat to business development?
— Indeed, when companies start thinking about development, they come to realize that their current IT systems no longer provide growth. However, I think that the lack of knowledge and experience in business digitalization is even a bigger threat.

25 October 2017 Ekaterina Mokrushina

Continuous improvement. Where can it go wrong?

Continuous improvement is a process where businesses improve their overall function, products, and services. The improvement is ongoing and does not stop when a CI project is completed. It implies a specific approach and activities that involve the whole company and its processes.

Another term that is widely used is Kaizen, which is Japanese for “change for the better”. It was introduced by Masaaki Imai in 1986 in his book Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success.

continuous improvement at a company with BPM

31 August 2017 Ekaterina Mokrushina

Digital Transformation: Digitization of Business Processes

Digitization has become an integral part of today’s society. People love all things digital, and as customers hope for the same approach from businesses. They want to interact with banks, insurance companies, mobile providers and town administrations through PCs and mobile devices, expecting a seamless user experience.
There is no turning back, the digital transformation of your business is necessary to keep up with the modern world.

What do I mean by digital transformation of your business? next

1 August 2017 Ekaterina Mokrushina

From business process mapping to business process modeling

It is not rare for people to confuse process mapping and process modeling. Sure, these concepts do have something in common, but let’s take a closer look and see how they differ.

5 June 2017 Alexander Khodyrev

Workflow Management and BPM: understand the difference

Workflow management and BPM (Business Process Management) are two terms crucial to modern business, and yet they are often confused. Some might say that they are the same thing; others might argue that they are totally different concepts. I am acquainted with both, and in this article, I want to explain the differences and similarities of these two approaches. After all, without understanding what is what, it is impossible to make the right choice and equip your business with the right tools.

workflow management and BPM ELMA BPM Blog

23 September 2016 Ekaterina Mokrushina

BPM in retail business. One more step to success.

Today customers demand a lot more than they did just a decade ago. They want to reach your product across all the possible touchpoints (store, catalog, Web); they expect instant feedback and need the brands to be as dynamic as they themselves are.


6 September 2016 Ekaterina Mokrushina

Improve Customer Experience with BPM

Enjoy our new infographics on customer experience. Why is it so important and how BPM can be of help?

26 August 2016 Alexander Khodyrev

Implementing business process management in a large company

Each company has its own organizational structure – departments, divisions, and employees who perform certain functions. As the business grows, the organizational structure gets more extensive. At that point, team members start to have troubles because of poor communication, inefficient data sharing, and lack of staff motivation. They spend a lot of working time to overcome these difficulties.