22 December 2016 Valeria Evgeneva

ELMA 3.10: PostgreSQL, duplicate leads and other new capabilities

Today we are proud to announce the release of ELMA 3.10. We’ve been working hard to improve low-level architecture, which had a positive impact on the system performance and fault tolerance. With ELMA 3.10 it’s also easier to support implemented solutions.
In addition, ELMA 3.10 drives a number of important changes to ELMA Projects+ and ELMA CRM+ applications.

21 December 2016 Ekaterina Mokrushina

Why your KPIs don’t work (and what to do about it)

There is a lot of talk about KPIs, and we almost feel obliged to use them in business. KPIs are supposed to help you measure your product’s performance, however, often they just do not work.

If you have a feeling that your KPIs are not as beneficial as everyone says they should be, there is a chance that they were badly implemented and not translated to your employees.

Want to know how to implement winning KPIs? Keep reading.


7 November 2016 Aleksey Trefilov

Marketing and Sales Processes. A Modern Approach to Customer Behavior. Part 2

In the first article about marketing and sales processes, we talked about orienting the company on the market and examined the product’s customer value. However, knowing the value of your product is not enough. What you have to do is make the best offer in your market segment: provide a higher value than your competitors and make it evident to the customer.

26 October 2016 Aleksey Trefilov

Marketing and Sales Processes. A Modern Approach to Customer Behavior. Part 1

Today there is a lot of useful content about marketing. However, when it comes to developing your own company and products, it can be rather hard to find sufficient information. I thought that it would be useful to have a sort of a cheat sheet to summarize the up-to-date marketing theory and give advice on:

  • How to orient your company on the market, what comes first, the consumer or the product?
  • How to build communication with the customer according to customer value;
  • Which decision-making pattern works best for a certain type of product;
  • Which way of gaining competitive advantage is more convenient?

In this article, you won’t find any IT program interfaces. Instead, we shall talk about marketing and sales approaches, customer behavior, and show you how these concepts can be applied to various types of business.

17 October 2016 Aleksey Trefilov

A Perfect Combo: Project and Process Management

Project management and process management are often considered two separate management strategies. However, isn’t it possible that one could benefit the other?
Let’s take a closer look.


11 October 2016 Alexander Khodyrev

5 Common BPM Myths

When it comes to business process management, people tend to have certain preconceptions, since it is a relatively new approach. However, BPM has proven to be highly effective, and we feel that some of the common BPM myths should be questioned.


26 September 2016 Aleksey Trefilov

KPI. Strategy. Fast start

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is one of the most recognized, proven in practice, and effective strategic management systems, which is used all over the world. KPIs or key performance indicators can be applied most effectively as part of this system. BSC was created by two famous Americans David Kaplan and David Norton and has been used for more than 20 years now.

23 September 2016 Ekaterina Mokrushina

BPM in retail business. One more step to success.

Today customers demand a lot more than they did just a decade ago. They want to reach your product across all the possible touchpoints (store, catalog, Web); they expect instant feedback and need the brands to be as dynamic as they themselves are.


20 September 2016 Ekaterina Mokrushina

Effective employee onboarding: automate now!

Every step of employee onboarding is important, from before they start their job to the completion of their first year in the company. It should be your goal to make a good first impression, because 67% of new hires are more likely to stay with the company for at least 3 years after a great onboarding experience. A well-organized onboarding process will save costs for recruiting, help the HR department do their work more efficiently, and will make the new employees feel comfortable right from the start.


16 September 2016 Aleksey Trefilov

Organizing Customer Support Service

Today, customer service is one of those factors that every company must consider. A person using your product or service must have easy ways to contact you in case a problem occurs.
Employees of a service provider form a specific group of consumers. Technical support that they receive has a great impact on the efficiency and productivity of the company.
In this article, I try to show how technical support offered to both customers and employees must be organized from the point of view of BPM.