29 May 2018

Digital transformation is changing the IT market

What services are the customers looking for? What are the most demanded professions? How is import substitution affecting the market? Heads of Russian IT companies gave answers to these and other questions in an interview to IT-Manager magazine. Here is the complete answer given by Alexey Trefilov, COO of ELMA.

— IT companies are focused on digital transformation. What impact does this have on IT services?
— It is important not to confuse digital transformation and automation. A vast number of IT companies is providing automation software – ERP, EDMS – that speeds up the business processes while the processes themselves remain the same.

“The companies who wish to transform the business need to understand their working processes; vendors help them in doing so.”

Digital transformation is different. It offers a new understanding of how to provide services or produce goods. For that, the customers need to understand their working processes; therefore, vendors not only sell automation services but offer consulting.

— Which services have been in higher demand in the last couple of years and why?
— Customers require services of expert analysts, consultants, and architects because they can offer qualitative changes and apply best practices.

— One of the key trends today is import substitution. How does it affect the market?
— More and more IT products are created in Russia. They are pushing out foreign solutions that most of the companies previously used. The reason for this is not a directive given by someone, but the fact that our vendors have many advantages: they are located in the country, have staff who can carry out implementation and support, there is a fit infrastructure and the products themselves are mature. Therefore, the customers simply make their choice in favor of Russian software.

— How often do orders come from business representatives of a company instead of their IT departments?
— A customer is often represented by HR departments or Procurement. Today, business is aware of IT products, many companies have already tried ERP or EDM systems, and the technologies have become more user-friendly.

— What about the customers’ ability to pay, has it increased in the past years?
— ELMA works with companies that experience fewer difficulties than small and middle-sized companies do. Ten years ago the price of software and IT services used to surprise our customers, but today the companies understand that such expenses are not a waste of money but investment in future growth.

“Customers understand that such expenses are not a waste of money but investment in future growth.”

— What professions are the most in-demand?
— The most demanded employees are those who are experts in both programming and another kind of business, for example, programmers who have experience in banking. They are armed with best practices and expertise and can really drive change.

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Ekaterina Mokrushina
Marketing Specialist