16 June 2017

ELMA 3.11: time zones, business calendars, time reports and other new features

Today we are proud to announce the release of ELMA 3.11. We’ve implemented various fundamental changes to increase the system performance and stability.
Besides, we’ve significantly modified the Web Portal and made it more user-friendly. We’ve also made some changes to ELMA Projects+, ELMA CRM+ applications, ELMA Designer and the Form Builder.

Web Portal

Time Zones

ELMA BPM 3.11 supports different time zones. You no longer need to think about the time difference, for example, when assigning tasks to employees from other offices located in a different time zone. The system automatically calculates the right time.
To use this feature, simply check in your profile whether the time zone is set correctly.

ELMA BPM: business calendar - time zones

When installing or updating the system, the current operating system time zone is set as the default time zone of ELMA.

ELMA BPM: business calendar - time zones

When you change the time zone on a personal device, ELMA BPM offers to set the similar time zone in the user profile. It is a convenient feature for those users who have frequent business trips.

ELMA BPM: business calendar - checking time zones
If you have refused to change the time zone, ELMA BPM saves your preferences. Next time you enter any other time zone with the same offset the system will not bother you with notifications and will automatically block the time zone change. You can always adjust time settings manually in your profile.

Business Calendar

In ELMA 3.8, we have implemented the possibility to customize the Business Calendar in the web interface. In the Administration section, it is possible to set the company’s schedule, weekends and exceptional days.

ELMA BPM for business: business calendar

In ELMA BPM 3.11, we have introduced the global business calendar, which is different from the common calendar. We have also implemented a possibility to add and edit business calendars.

ELMA BPM: selecting calendar type

As before, the business calendar is a global system rule. All tasks, business processes, calendars use the work schedule established in the business calendar.

ELMA BPM: calendar settings

Besides, now you can edit calendars in the expert mode. It allows you to configure advanced settings of business days.

ELMA BPM: calendar expert mode

What is more, you can set up a common calendar with the work schedule different from the global system calendar and assign it to a particular user.

ELMA BPM: user´s business calendar

In the user profile, you can check out what type of calendar a person uses.

ELMA BPM: business calendar settings

This feature is particularly useful if you have employees who work different shifts.

ELMA BPM: list of calendars

Time Reports

One of the main concerns of the employer is to keep track of hours spent by employees on tasks. It´s a topical issue for many our clients. Sometimes, time reports sent by an employee are approved only partly. In this case, the employee should know the reason why his or her time reports were rejected.
In ELMA 3.11, the process of time reports approval has become as transparent as possible. Now, if an approver rejects some of the time reports, they must leave a comment explaining the decision.

ELMA BPM for business: time reports

Keep users updated about their time reports. Set up notifications to inform them about how many submitted hours were approved and rejected and the reason for rejecting certain time reports. All the notifications are available to users in their Messages section.

ELMA BPM: messages

We have also made some minor changes to the time reports module. For example, we have added the Time Reports tab to the forms of the user tasks, project tasks, and SMART tasks. It shows information about time reports submitted by different users who worked with this system object.

Working with LDAP has become easier

In ELMA 3.11 we have improved LDAP integration options (ActiveDirectory). Now the initial configuration and further import of users have become even faster and more convenient due to new functions.
In the administration section, we have completely changed the configuration block.

You can not only quickly and conveniently configure integration with LDAP but also create instances of connections to external credential stores directly from the ELMA web interface. It is also possible to develop custom authorization module, other than LDAP, and later use it for the import of users.

ELMA BPM: integration with LDAP

We have improved the import of users. We have slightly changed the color highlighting of users and added a new color for imported users. If a user exists both in ELMA and in the LDAP database and their data completely match, they will be highlighted blue.

Business process

We believe that business process modeling should be simple and accessible to all users. That is why in ELMA 3.11 we improved business process modeling features.

Send Message – Receive Message

We have updated the “Send message” and “Receive Message” activities: we have added the Guaranteed Delivery activity. It prevents permanent loss of messages if a sender sends a message before the receiving process reaches the Receive Message activity.

In addition, we have extended the standard message type: we have added the “Guaranteed delivery” parameter.

Editing Message Types

In ELMA BPM 3.11, we have added the Message Type Editor. It is available in the start window of the ELMA Designer.

By using the Message Type Editor, you can add, edit, delete, copy and search message types in business processes.

ELMA BPM: business process search


Business processes in an organization constantly evolve and improve. Sometimes it is necessary to make changes and apply them immediately to the process instance that has been started earlier.
In ELMA BPM 3.11, you can switch from the current version of the process instance to the latest published version.

ELMA BPM: switching business process intsance

ELMA BPM: switching business process intsance

When switching from one version to another, ELMA BPM checks whether there are incompatible changes between versions that can damage the operation of the process. All changes are shown on the process history tab.

ELMA BPM: switching business process intsance

ELMA BPM sends a notification about the version change to the process initiator and the user responsible for the process execution.
ELMA BPM: business process versioning

A few changes were introduced to the Full Process Monitor. Now all business processes are sorted alphabetically. This feature speeds up process search when you need to monitor various business processes at a time.

ELMA BPM: business process monitoring

In ELMA BPM 3.11, you can quickly edit the block type variable right in the task form in the ELMA web interface.

Read more about other new features of ELMA 3.11 in the next post of ELMA Blog.

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