16 June 2017

ELMA 3.11: Quick and easy configuration of IP telephony, the form editor in Projects+ and minor improvements of ELMA Designer.

In addition to the major changes in the ELMA Web Portal, described in the previous article, in ELMA 3.11 we introduced a number of changes to ELMA CRM (especially, IP telephony) and ELMA ECM.
Besides, we have improved ELMA Designer and made it more user-friendly.

New features of ELMA CRM+

In ELMA 3.11, we have introduced a number of important changes to ELMA CRM+.
First, all the IP telephony settings have become simpler and more transparent. You can quickly perform the first setup and make a test call to check whether the settings are correct.

ELMA BPM: IP-telephony settings - test call

As a rule, not all the system users need IP Telephony. That is why in ELMA BPM 3.11, you can disable the IP-telephony for certain users.

ELMA BPM: IP-telephony and ELMA Agent

Second, after setting up IP telephony, you will be able to use a multi-functional call control panel in the standby mode. The panel reminds you what actions you need to do before making a call and checks whether all the requirements are met.

 ELMA BPM: IP-telephony settings making call

Similarly, you can manage your calls directly from the panel: make calls, view call history, etc. To make a call, you do not need to enter a phone number manually. Use the Contractors Data Base to find the number of the subscriber.

ELMA BPM: IP-telephony buttons

Often, when making a call, you need to put the conversation on hold or redirect it to another employee. To do this, you can use new buttons:

Finally, we have implemented several minor improvements in ELMA CRM+. For example, a new privilege was added to the Marketing section. It allows you to work with marketing groups/ activities/events, as well as change the budget.

ELMA BPM: CRM module

New features of ELMA Projects+

Minor improvements in Projects+

We have implemented several minor improvements in ELMA Projects+.
For example, we have extended the scope of application of the Form Builder. You can create and customize the forms of the project tasks in the convenient visual editor. You can edit the following task forms: a base class of the project task, project task, milestone, start of the business process.

ELMA BPM: edit task form in projects

You can customize project task forms for all the projects types and for each project type separately. To do this, simply add and configure the task type forms in the required project type.

ELMA BPM: edit project types

ELMA Designer

In ELMA BPM 3.11, many changes were made to the ELMA Designer.


For example, we added new icons for the scripts created in the Script Builder. Now users can easily distinguish scripts in the list.

ELMA BPM:edit BPMN 2.0. Script activity

Now you can assign a script to a certain connecting element. This feature is only applicable to standard user tasks.

ELMA BPM: add script activity to the user task activity

Now custom activities support versioning. By default, when you open a version, only the custom activities settings and scripts are displayed. If you click on the published version, along with the settings and scripts, you will also see the “Version history” tab.

ELMA BPM: custom extention

Publishing Processes

In ELMA BPM 3.11, you can forbid starting a business process in the web application, while you publish a new process version in ELMA Designer.

ELMA BPM: publishing business process version


When working with business processes, an important stage is the generation of business process policies. You can provide printed policies to new employees to help them familiarize with their duties. Therefore, the policies must contain all the information about the business process.
In ELMA BPM 3.11, we added to the business process policies a description of the transitions, gateways, deadlines and other information. Besides, it is possible to generate policies from the task description.

ELMA BPM: business process policies

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Valeria Evgeneva
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