20 May 2016

How to use BPMN: Beginners Tutorial Contents

To run and develop a business you need to define well the internal business processes. For this prupose, BPMN 2.0 notation would be a great choice – as far as readability and comprehension are concerned, it is beyond competition.

You don’t need to be an expert to describe the processes of your company. All you need is to understand how exactly it is done. Our simply written practical course explains how to use BPMN for business processes modeling.

You will learn to describe the processes (without being an IT expert), look for bottlenecks, work them out and implement in the most efficient way.

The learning material of the course is constantly updated.

How to use BPMN


Lesson 1 – Describes the basic elements of BPMN 2.0: the Start and the End events, the Task activity, and the decision element known as Gateway.

Lesson 2 – Describes in more detail various types of Events and Gateways and explains how they are used in business processes.

Lesson 3 – Describes Pools, Swimlanes and different Task types, and also offers a practical assignment to test your knowledge of BPMN.

Lesson 4 – Describes Sub-Processes in BPMN.

Lesson 5 – Describes Messages in BPMN.

Lesson 6 – Describes Artifacts and Data Objects in BPMN.

Lesson 7 – Describes Execution of Business Processes modeled with BPMN.

Lesson 8 – Describes Process Improvement.

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Valeria Evgeneva
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