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A world-class industrial solution to bring together process automation,
control and improvement, and drive your business to the next level.
Fully functional BPMS | Unlimited number of user licenses | Unlimited period of use

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  • Model

    ELMA Designer|The first step in your BPM journey

    ELMA BPM software features a user-friendly interface powered with drag and drop. It makes business process modeling fast, simple and understandable. Create even the most complex business process maps and translate your business requirements into BPM apps.

  • Execute

    ELMA Web Application|Execute your business processes apps

    ELMA BPM makes workflow automation as easy as it has never been. Turn a business process into an executable BPM app, and run it in ELMA Web Application. The system assigns tasks, sends notifications and makes sure your business procedures are followed. Automation helps you reduce costs, minimize human errors, and save time. You can run your BPM apps on any device.

  • Monitor

    Control your business activities and increase visiblity

    ELMA BPM software interactive dashboards help you to monitor tasks progresses and evaluate personnel workload. Take changes the direction of the business processes, easily identify bottlenecks and reallocate resources.

  • Improve

    Streamline your business processes and stay relevant

    With ELMA BPM you can enjoy outstanding agility when it comes to changing and evolving business processes. ELMA BPM software keeps the company up-to-date, allowing for a well-timed response to changing business requirements.

ELMA Community

  • ELMA BPM Community Edition

    • draw business process diagrams and make them executable,
    • monitor business process performance at any stage,
    • identify and fix bottlenecks in your business processes,
    • Increase control and visibility of your business activities.

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  • ELMA BPM Blog

    Subscribe to our blog and stay up to date with the latest BPM trends, discover helpful tips on business administration and find your way to digital transformation.

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  • ELMA BPM Knowledge Base

    Useful articles for developers and system administrators.

    Here you can learn how to implement custom features and scripts, develop your own extensions and modules.

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  • ELMA BPM Help

    ELMA Help provides detailed information and helpful tips on most aspects of ELMA Platform. It is divided in three main sections:

    • Developers Guide
    • Users Guide
    • Administrators Guide

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  • ELMA BPM Video Tutorials

    Watch ELMA BPM Video tutorials and learn how to model business processes, create organizational structure, configure system settings, and monitor KPIs.

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  • ELMA BPM Forum

    Become part of the ELMA community! Here you can participate in technical discussions, get insights, and make your own contribution.

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  • Welcome to ELMA Community!

    We created a space where you can

    • enjoy the benefits of a free bpm software,
    • share ideas with other technology enthusiasts,
    • make valuable contributions,
    • learn and grow professionally.

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Advanced BPM tools to advance your business

ELMA has numerous capabilities to satisfy any business demand and help you win the competition

  • ELMA BPM | Manage your business procesess

    Automate your workflow; model, monitor, optimize and execute business processes and improve your company performance. More about ELMA BPM

  • ELMA ECM+ | Organize efficient document flow

    Structure your company content, access all files in one place, get rid of paper documents and manage content throughout the lifecycle More about ELMA ECM+

  • ELMA KPI | Improve your performance

    Measure how effective your company is at achieving its goals. Create, manage and track key performance indicators (KPI) of your employees and develop incentive programs for better productivity. More about ELMA KPI

  • ELMA CRM+ | Automate sales through business processes

    Get the entire company behind each sale through the business processes. Automate sales tasks, monitor sales statistics in ral time and make sales forecast. More about ELMA CRM+

  • ELMA Projects+ | Manage deadlines, resources, and deliverables

    Manage possible project risks, budget and time limits. Organize shared workspace and ensure collaboration between project participants. More about ELMA Projects+

  • Tasks | Manage a task through its life cycle

    Assign tasks to your team members, monitor task progress, choose approvers or co-executors and set task timelines. More about ELMA Tasks Feature

  • Company | Get to know your colleagues

    Check upcoming birthdays, recently hired employees, contcat details of your colleagues, etc. More about Company Section

  • Control | Get task execution under control

    Assign supervisors to control task execution and determine the degree of control they have. More about ELMA BPM Control Feature

  • Calendar | Keep track of important events

    Plan your work activities, simplify the process of scheduling calls, meetings and appointments
    and monitor calendars of your colleagues. More about ELMA BPM Calendar










ELMA supports multilingual user interface. You can enjoy ELMA in 8 languages: English, Spanish, German, Russian, Azerbaijani, Kazakh, Ukrainian and Georgian.

ELMA Store

ELMA Store is an on-line store of ready-to-use BPM apps that extend capabilities of ELMA. You do not need to model business processes from scratch; simply download them from ELMA Store and start working right away.

  • Download free or premium business process
  • Install it on your PC
  • Adapt the process to your business

ELMA Store

Try ELMA Community Edition. Its free!

Install ELMA Community Edition, create process diagrams and turn them into personalized bpm apps. Customize user interfaces, develop your own extensions and easily integrate ELMA into your IT landscape