6 April 2017 Ekaterina Mokrushina

Top Software for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Today we cannot imagine running a business without computers. We use electronic mail, spreadsheets, document storage and social media.However, there is software for more specific business needs and the options differ depending on the size of your company.

Often medium-size business needs more proficient tools than small-sized firms do while large companies are a slightly different story because they have other pains, needs, and resources. In this article, I give an overview of business management software for small and medium-sized businesses.

Of course, this is not a complete list of available software, there are a lot more applications on the market. However, I describe some great free and reasonably-prices options that can help you run your business in an efficient and flawless manner.

29 March 2017 Aleksey Trefilov

The 4 Ps of Marketing. Part 2: Pricing Strategy

In the previous article on the 4 Ps of marketing, we discussed the main concepts the Product and Brand. Today I want to focus on the second component, the Pricing Strategy, and offer you an overview of all the main factors that you have to consider when setting the price of your products.

13 March 2017 Aleksey Trefilov

The 4 Ps of Marketing. Part 1: Product and Brand

The 4Ps is a marketing mix concept that includes four strategic elements: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. By defining well all the four elements, you can take a product to market successfully. I want to bring together all the pieces of this theory, and this first article is dedicated to the ideas and concepts of the first P – the Product.

14 February 2017 Ekaterina Mokrushina

BPM in Healthcare: Improve Quality of Care and Operational Efficiency.

The business of healthcare is very complex and, in fact, rather competitive. Healthcare management strives to achieve better results in delivering high-quality patient care complying with all the regulations and legal requirements at the same time.

Such level of complexity requires a high level of control. BPM offers just that: healthcare providers can improve and control their business processes, get rid of inefficient operations, reduce costs and improve patient care.


6 February 2017 Valeria Evgeneva

ELMA Community Edition Wins Finances Online 2017 Great User Experience Award

Our main goal is to make it easier for the customers to run businesses and stay competitive. That is why we provide them with an elegant and convenient tool for business process management. And we are happy that FinancesOnline, definitely the fastest growing B2B & SaaS review platform, has recognized ELMA CE as a very user-friendly BPM Platform, capable to cover multiple business needs.

We are pleased to announce that ELMA Community Edition was awarded with not one, but two of the special FinancesOnline awards. We won their Great User Experience Award for 2017 and the 2017 Rising Star Award for the best business process management software category. We are so excited about it!

Great User Experience Award is usually given to products with user-friendly and well-organized interfaces and features that facilitate the work process. While the Rising Star Award is given to the new market players that show great promise due to their performance capability.

In their ELMA Community review, FinancesOnline experts draw attention to multiple tools and functionalities that our product has to offer. They point out, that with ELMA Community it is possible not only to design and run business processes, but to take care of other aspects of business, such as customer relationships and document workflow management. Particular focus is given to the outstanding control features of ELMA Community, which let businesses achieve transparency, reveal bottlenecks and increase efficiency.  We were also very happy to have been listed among the top business process management solutions and market leaders.

We are proud of this distinction because we strive to provide our customers with the best user experience. Each of us contributes to the development of the product and together we deliver high-quality software that helps our customers achieve their business goals. It’s a great honor to receive this award, and a further proof to our commitment to delivering excellence in all that we do.

26 January 2017 Valeria Evgeneva

ELMA 3.10: Approval by stages, interface themes and other minor improvements

In our previous article we have covered changes made to the  Projects+ and CRM+  (see ELMA 3.10: PostgreSQL, duplicate leads and other new capabilities), ELMA 3.10 has a number of improvements in records management.

We have also made ELMA web portal easier for customization and integration into the IT infrastructure of our clients. Some new features were implemented in ELMA Designer and Report Builder. next

27 December 2016 Aleksey Trefilov

Managing Projects with a BPM system. The Project Conveyor Technology.

Many companies are involved in project management. Production of any unique result, product or service implies project activities, whether it is construction, IT or make to order manufacturing.

Every project is aimed at creating something new. Every project has a unique team of executors, due dates, budget and customer requirements while in a business process all stages are predefined and predictable. This makes project management different from business process management.

Can a business process be used to automate project management?

This is exactly what I want to talk about in this article: the symbiosis of projects and processes. I shall also explain the project conveyor technology implemented in the ELMA Projects+ application.

22 December 2016 Valeria Evgeneva

ELMA 3.10: PostgreSQL, duplicate leads and other new capabilities

Today we are proud to announce the release of ELMA 3.10. We’ve been working hard to improve low-level architecture, which had a positive impact on the system performance and fault tolerance. With ELMA 3.10 it’s also easier to support implemented solutions.
In addition, ELMA 3.10 drives a number of important changes to ELMA Projects+ and ELMA CRM+ applications.

21 December 2016 Ekaterina Mokrushina

Why your KPIs don’t work (and what to do about it)

There is a lot of talk about KPIs, and we almost feel obliged to use them in business. KPIs are supposed to help you measure your product’s performance, however, often they just do not work.

If you have a feeling that your KPIs are not as beneficial as everyone says they should be, there is a chance that they were badly implemented and not translated to your employees.

Want to know how to implement winning KPIs? Keep reading.


7 November 2016 Aleksey Trefilov

Marketing and Sales Processes. A Modern Approach to Customer Behavior. Part 2

In the first article about marketing and sales processes, we talked about orienting the company on the market and examined the product’s customer value. However, knowing the value of your product is not enough. What you have to do is make the best offer in your market segment: provide a higher value than your competitors and make it evident to the customer.