15 February 2018 Ekaterina Mokrushina

Easy analysis of business processes

Many companies regulate their business processes. The purpose of such regulation is to bring everything to order, arrange effective communication between different employees and ensure control. Decision-makers expect all the tasks to be completed well and on time. However, are all such tasks really necessary?

how to manage business correctly

13 November 2017 Alexander Khodyrev

Creating a KPI management system (part 2)

In our first article of this cycle, we have described how you can use KPIs to manage the SLA in a service center. In this article, we attempt to describe the best way to select and configure the KPIs for such a company.

13 November 2017 Alexander Khodyrev

Performance matrices (part 3)

In the previous articles, we discussed the use of KPIs in managing SLA of a service center. Now let’s take a look at performance evaluation and motivation for the service center employees.

Why do you need to measure employee performance?

The KPI system that we built in the previous article is a great tool for managing the operations of a company. It gives an overview of the current situation so you can compare it to the previous periods and in a way predict the future periods.
However, with a KPI system only, you cannot make precise development plans; you can only assume and rely on circumstances. For better control, you need an additional tool to manage the performance of your employees. If you can evaluate the performance, you can motivate your staff to achieve the plan values of your KPIs, and optimize payroll by paying bonuses strictly according to performance.

13 November 2017 Alexander Khodyrev

Managing SLA parameters with KPIs (part 1)

In this article, we will describe how to manage SLA parameters using KPIs. Let’s take a small service center as an example.

Managing a service center is a complex task that requires constant control and optimization of all the processes. On one side, you have manufacturers who want you to complete warranty works in time, plus audits and certifications require a lot of your time. On the other side, you have customers who are today more demanding of speed and quality of services. Moreover, there are competitors to think about.


25 October 2017 Ekaterina Mokrushina

Continuous improvement. Where can it go wrong?

Continuous improvement is a process where businesses improve their overall function, products, and services. The improvement is ongoing and does not stop when a CI project is completed. It implies a specific approach and activities that involve the whole company and its processes.

Another term that is widely used is Kaizen, which is Japanese for “change for the better”. It was introduced by Masaaki Imai in 1986 in his book Kaizen: The Key to Japan’s Competitive Success.

continuous improvement at a company with BPM

31 August 2017 Ekaterina Mokrushina

Digital Transformation: Digitization of Business Processes

Digitization has become an integral part of today’s society. People love all things digital, and as customers hope for the same approach from businesses. They want to interact with banks, insurance companies, mobile providers and town administrations through PCs and mobile devices, expecting a seamless user experience.
There is no turning back, the digital transformation of your business is necessary to keep up with the modern world.

What do I mean by digital transformation of your business? next

1 August 2017 Ekaterina Mokrushina

From business process mapping to business process modeling

It is not rare for people to confuse process mapping and process modeling. Sure, these concepts do have something in common, but let’s take a closer look and see how they differ.

16 June 2017 Valeria Evgeneva

ELMA 3.11: Quick and easy configuration of IP telephony, the form editor in Projects+ and minor improvements of ELMA Designer.

In addition to the major changes in the ELMA Web Portal, described in the previous article, in ELMA 3.11 we introduced a number of changes to ELMA CRM (especially, IP telephony) and ELMA ECM.
Besides, we have improved ELMA Designer and made it more user-friendly.

16 June 2017 Valeria Evgeneva

ELMA 3.11: time zones, business calendars, time reports and other new features

Today we are proud to announce the release of ELMA 3.11. We’ve implemented various fundamental changes to increase the system performance and stability.
Besides, we’ve significantly modified the Web Portal and made it more user-friendly. We’ve also made some changes to ELMA Projects+, ELMA CRM+ applications, ELMA Designer and the Form Builder.

5 June 2017 Alexander Khodyrev

Workflow Management and BPM: understand the difference

Workflow management and BPM (Business Process Management) are two terms crucial to modern business, and yet they are often confused. Some might say that they are the same thing; others might argue that they are totally different concepts. I am acquainted with both, and in this article, I want to explain the differences and similarities of these two approaches. After all, without understanding what is what, it is impossible to make the right choice and equip your business with the right tools.

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