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Company Management Software#waytobeeffective

What is ELMA

  • BPM

    Automate your workflow; model, monitor, optimize and execute business processes and improve your company performance. More about BPM

  • ECM

    Structure your company content, access all files in one place, get rid of paper documents and manage content throughout the lifecycle More about ECM

  • KPI

    Measure how effective your company is at achieving its goals. Create, manage and track key performance indicators (KPI) of your employees and develop incentive programs for better productivity. More about KPI

  • CRM+

    Get the entire company behind each sale through the business processes. Automate sales tasks, monitor sales statistics in ral time and make sales forecast. More about CRM

  • Projects+

    Manage possible project risks, budget and time limits. Organize shared workspace and ensure collaboration between project participants. More about Projects

  • Tasks

    Assign tasks to your team members, monitor task progress, choose approvers or co-executors and set task timelines. More about Tasks

  • Company

    Stay up to date with the latest company news, check upcoming birthdays, recently hired employees, etc. More about Company

  • Control

    Assign supervisors to control task execution and determine the degree of control they have. More about Control

  • Calendar

    Keep track of important events all in one place. Plan your work activities, simplify the process of scheduling calls, meetings and appointments
    and monitor calendars of your colleagues. More about Calendar


ELMA Store

ELMA Store is a collection of ready-to-use business processes and BPM solutions that extend capabilities of ELMA. You do not need to design processes from scratch; simply download them from ELMA store and start working with them in a few clicks.

  1. Download free or premium business process
  2. Install it on your PC
  3. Adapt the process to your business
Business processes
for Android
SharePoint Integration Module
Incoming Invoice
Leave Request
Payment Request
Contract Approval
ELMA Store

ELMA Mobile Apps

  • Tasks

    Create and control your tasks

  • Messages

    News Feed will keep you updated on the latest companys news

  • Workflows

    All companys business processes in your mobile device

  • Work offline

    Access to all content even with no Internet connection


ELMA is a Platform

  • Microsoft inside

    You will not experience any problems using our applications, since ELMA is based on Microsoft technology and many software developers are familiar with it. ELMA development language is C #, the database for ELMA Standard is MS SQL.
  • MS Visual
    Studio Plug-in

    ELMA has an add-on for Microsoft Visual Studio. It provides templates for creating custom extensions to ELMA (e.g. independent ELMA modules, portlets). Templates are ready-to-use modules for ELMA so that you only need to adjust them to your needs.
  • BPM Apps

    In ELMA you can create your own BPM applications - the packages that can include any ELMA objects (e.g. business processes, documents, projects, scripts, custom forms). They can be as complex as you want them to be: from a single business process to a whole set of processes for the entire company! They are compatible with other ELMA configurations and can be uploaded to ELMA Store.

Free online demo. Try it now!

See the system in action, experience simple and user-friendly interface and check for yourself all the capabilities of ELMA in our online demo. Enter your email and click the button below for instant access.


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